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The Overlooked Benefits of Teaching Kids to Code

Most parents are aware of the potential career benefits of knowing how to code. Parents mistakenly believe that coding is something kids should begin doing in high school and college. Rarely is a parent or even educators aware of what coding is actually teaching. Most people only see a potential …

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James Dyson cancels electric car project

(Reuters) — James Dyson, the inventor of the bagless vacuum cleaner, has canceled his ambitious plan to build an electric car because the project was not commercially viable. Dyson said his engineers had built a “fantastic car” and that the project was not being closed due to any failures in …

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Customer Experience Vs Customer Service

Nowadays, customer experience and customer service have become buzzwords in the business-centric milieu. However, customer experience, customer service, and even customer care are so confusing, that often businesses don’t bother to invest separately. No doubt, these are much puzzling, yet different. A clear-cut differentiation is essential as customer experience is …

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