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3 Tricks to Make the Most of Google Ads Automation

Machine learning and automation can seem pretty terrifying for PPC: These technological advances could lead to the end of human-run campaigns in favor of robots that will never have the adaptability to scale a campaign and will certainly never have that “human touch.” A big part of these fears come …

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4 Google Ads Audience Exclusions You Need to Try Next

Sometimes a successful paid media campaign requires the “less is more” approach. Negative audiences can help guide just the right users down the funnel. Negative audiences can also help keep the completely unwanted traffic from seeing your ads. The perfect combination of targeting plus exclusions may give you both the …

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10 Ways to Spend Less Time in Google Ads

Although it’s always been billed as a platform that’s very approachable to every small business owner, Google Ads can be very intimidating to use. On top of that, Google Ads isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it solution. It takes constant attention and optimizations to make sure it’s always performing as well as it …

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