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Big Data Management Solving Pinpoint Problems

Big Data Management can light up patterns and examples that would have generally been undetectable, which at that point makes questions and investigation into how the business functions. At last, the result of such examples, the recognizable proof is frequently the capacity to anticipate when a specific business-relevant occasion is …

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DoorDash hack spills loads of data for 4.9 million people

DoorDash A hack on food-delivery service DoorDash leaked the personal data of 4.9 million customers, delivery workers, and merchants, the company revealed on Thursday. The breach took place on May 4, but DoorDash officials didn’t learn of it until earlier this month when they noticed unusual activity involving an unnamed …

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Marketing Cloud Datorama brings no-code approach to data

Salesforce has announced two new Marketing Cloud Datorama analytics features that are expected to help marketers bring their data preparation, analysis and visualization to new levels with a no-code approach to data. The new tools, Harmonization Center and Data Canvas, will help marketers cleanse, classify and enrich data for improved …

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Transferring IoT data becoming problematic

With more devices connecting to the internet than ever before, the demands on bandwidth increase in parallel. For any organisation deploying IoT devices in the field, consideration needs to be given to the amount and frequency of data that will be transmitted from the device to the cloud for both …

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Integrate Weather Data on Your Homepage With Weatherstack API

Want to share the latest weather details with your website visitors? Widgets and other code that display location-based weather forecasts are increasingly popular, particularly on news and sports-based sites. Such details also appear on mobile apps and even home screens. This is thanks to APIs (application programming interfaces), which are …

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